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Anila Resources Nigeria Limited is an environmental Consultancy firm with proven ability and integrity in the Oil and Gas industry, accredited by the Department of Petroleum Resources and Federal Ministry of Environment to operate as an Oil Service company.

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Laboratory Services

Anila Resources Nigeria Limited has a well-equipped laboratory in Lagos. Partner with us for reliable and cutting-edge laboratory services that enable breakthrough discoveries, provide strategic insights, and enhance quality healthcare.

Effluent Monitoring

Our expertise work to externally accredited protocols, to ensure high quality, detected data is obtained, for monitoring requests.

Gaseous Emission Monitoring

We assemble reliable, sensitive, and sustainable continuous emission monitoring solutions that represent the future of gas assessment

Analysis of Waste Water

We provide a vast portfolio of water testing for customers in any industry ,e.g. waste management and industrial


Environmental Services

At Anila Resources Nigeria Limited, we preserve the earth's natural beauty and purity with our responsible environmental services. Join us in making a difference for our planet, one environmentally conscious service at a time.

Environmental Evaluation Report (EER)

We offer high-quality impact assessments services that look at both positive and negative issues.

Remediation of Impact Areas

We provide complete line of remediation and field services in property restoration, disposal and cleanup.

Air and Noise Pollution Management

We offer cost-effective practice and legislative demands on air and noise result to help clients reach targets efficiently.


Training Services

At Anila Resources Nigeria Limited, we elevate your skills and unleash your full potential with our engaging and impactful training programs to transform your career and master new skills with our expert-led training sessions.

Atomic Spectrophotometer

Learn about the different phenomena involved in interaction of electromagnetic radiation.

Gas Chromatography

This course covers all the practical theory about Gas Chromatography and its technique.

UV Spectrophotometer

Our experience instructor covers all the practical theory about UV Spectrophotometer.


The Best Option For Your Environmental Health

Anila Resources was conceived and founded by a group of highly qualified university professors and professionals, as a result of their common concern for the protection and preservation of the environment, especially the environment in their homeland, Nigeria. Building upon their expertise and through their contacts throughout the country, they have assembled a team of consultants with unsurpassed expertise and experienced in virtually all disciplines related to the study of the environment.

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