Atomic Spectrophotometer

Atomic spectrophotometry is a highly specialized technique used to determine the concentration of metals in sample solutions. It involves the use of electromagnetic radiation, typically in the UV or visible range, to produce excited atoms. The excited atoms emit energy in the form of light at specific wavelengths, which are then measured to determine the concentration of the metal in the sample solution.

Why this Training?

The training provided by Anila Resources’ on atomic spectrophotometry includes theoretical and practical components. Participants gain an understanding of the basic principles of atomic spectrophotometry, instrumentation, and working principles of atomic absorption, atomic emission, and inductively coupled plasma techniques. The training also covers safety procedures, including handling of chemicals and hazardous materials.

The practical component of the training includes hands-on sessions on sample preparation, instrument calibration, method validation, and data analysis. Participants are also trained on troubleshooting common issues that arise during the operation of atomic spectrophotometers.

Why Choose Us?

 Anila Resources is committed to investing in the training of its Participants at all levels with the aim of enhancing their technical skills and knowledge. With the training provided on atomic spectrophotometry, Participant can conduct efficient quality control checks, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, maintain the required product quality standards, and contribute to creating a safe working environment.

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