UV Spectrophotometer

A UV spectrophotometer, also known as a UV-visible spectrophotometer, is a scientific instrument used to measure the absorbance and transmittance of light by a sample across the UV-visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It works by directing a beam of light, which can range from the UV to visible wavelengths, through a sample and measuring the amount of light absorbed or transmitted by the sample.

UV spectrophotometry is a widely used analytical technique that measures the absorbance of light by a sample in the UV-visible region. Anila Resources recognizes the importance of UV spectrophotometry in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and offers comprehensive training to its employees and participants to ensure that they have the required knowledge and skills to operate and maintain the UV spectrophotometer.

Why this Training?

The training program is designed to expose participants and  employees to the basic principles of UV spectrometry, which covers optical components, light sources, sample cells, and detectors. They are also taught about the measurements of absorbance and transmittance and the relationship between concentration and absorbance. Additionally, the training covers quality control and validation requirements in UV spectrophotometry, including selecting the appropriate wavelength for a given sample.

The Anila Resources training program also includes practical sessions where participants get hands-on experience using UV spectrophotometers. Participants learn how to prepare samples, calibrate the instrument, and interpret data generated from the instrument. They are also taught how to identify instrumental problems and apply appropriate corrective measures to fix them.

Why Choose Us?

 Anila Resources training program on UV spectrophotometry is critical in ensuring that  participants and employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the UV spectrophotometer. The program plays a critical role in achieving the company’s strategic goals of manufacturing safe, high-quality products and maintaining the safety of its employees.

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