Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography, or GC, is an analytical method used to separate and analyze components of a sample mixture. The sample is introduced into a column, which contains a stationary phase that separates each component based on their different physical-chemical properties, with the help of a carrier gas.

Gas Chromatography can be used to identify and quantify the composition of a sample, characterize and identify unknown compounds, and monitor changes in sample composition over time. GC is also used for the detection of impurities in chemical products, monitoring of reaction processes, and quality control of manufactured products.

Why this Training?

The training program includes both theoretical and practical sessions. It covers the fundamental principles of GC, including gas chromatography instrumentation, components of a GC system, column types and sizes, sample preparation techniques, injection methods, and detector types. Participants learn how to install, operate, and maintain GC equipment and how to troubleshoot common problems that arise while using GC. They also learn how to interpret results, how to generate calibration graphs, and how to quantify routine analysis.

Overall, the training equips Anila Resources’ employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle GC equipment confidently, accurately, and efficiently. With the skills acquired, employees can conduct efficient quality control checks on products manufactured by Anila Resources, ensuring that they meet the required quality standards.

Why Choose Us?

Anila Resources’ training program on GC plays a crucial role in ensuring that our employees and participants can successfully use GC equipment, interpret results and maintain safety in their workplace. The training helps employees and participants to identify bottlenecks in production processes, contributing to the company’s strategic objective of producing high-quality products efficiently and safely.

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